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Use of Zaaiko Asset Management Application

                Zaaiko Asset Management application helps to automate the fixed asset management process.  This involves from raising a simple asset request, to asset tagging, allocation, audit as well as depreciation of the asset. This can be used to manage both the fixed assets as well as software assets with in the organization. It gives a detailed insight to the organization about the spread of assets, its expiry, its allocation, consumption as well as helping the finance team to know its depreciation.

Where this Zaaiko asset management can be used?

The Zaaiko asset management can be used in the following industries

1. Hospitality (Managing and monitoring all fixed assets like furniture, electronic equipment etc)

2. Healthcare (To tag and manage all the healthcare equipment within hospital, clinics)

3. Construction Industry (To track equipment, inventory of construction equipment etc)

4. Education institutions

5. Information Technology (Tag all hardware as well as software assets)

                Being an asset management application, this can help you to track any item or equipment from procurement with expiry dates. Can be used to track all items or equipment tracking across various sites.

Is Zaaiko Asset management application powered by Microsoft 365?

                Yes. Zaaiko Asset management application runs on SharePoint. Thus this helps to have a secure data in place within your Microsoft online environment. Being an online application, you can access the data at any point in time from anywhere. With industry best security powered by Microsoft, your data lies with you. With the new features of Powerplatform (Power Apps & Power Automate), becomes easier to integrate and as well as manage Fixed assets, iot devices, mobile devices, management software licenses etc easily and effectively without the need of excel to manage.

Where does my asset data reside?

                Your asset data resides in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

What is an asset management system?

                Asset management is described as "a specialized program used to record and track an asset throughout its existence, from acquisition through disposal. It gives an organization detail about an asset, including its location, who is utilizing it, how it is being used, and other information. 

               Teams can manage new asset proposals and keep track of the status of existing assets with the aid of the Asset Tracking and Management SharePoint solution.

How does it work?

                Track each asset with ease by immediately adding it and its information. Make sure everything is in order, is maintained regularly, and is managed as required. Tracking can be easily achieved either as manual entry or by barcode scanning.

What types of assets can be managed using this system?

               An asset management system is designed to assist businesses in keeping track of fixed assets such as fixed assets, IT hardware, resources used in manufacturing or other industries, Inventories, Fixed assets, Laptops, and other equipment vital to their capacity to operate profitably.

What are the benefits of using a SharePoint-based asset management system?

        Among several benefits, some of which are mentioned below: 

  1. The capacity to monitor and control an asset's entire lifecycle, from the original purchase to routine upkeep to eventual phase-out from inventory in a single simple system. 

  1. A secured system where your data resides within your tenant. 

  1. Strong authentication and user access control for asset details. 

How does it integrate with other systems and tools?

               Built on SharePoint / Office 365, Zaaiko can be fully integrated with your company's IT Help Desk application or utilized standalone. It can also be integrated with any CoT applications through api access.

How secure is the data stored in a SharePoint-based asset management system?

               Your business is establishing digital assets to track and manage their physical equivalents by implementing asset management software. Those digital versions will be kept in a cloud database. You may rest easy at night if you use Zaaiko because the asset data of yours is secure and inside your tenant only. 

Can it be customized to meet specific organizational requirements?

               Yes, because it is created and constructed in accordance with the unique needs of the customer, customizations are a more efficient option than traditional asset management. Our expert software engineering team can assist you in your customization needs.  

Is it suitable for organizations of all sizes?

               Yes, Zaaiko is suitable for all organizations. The glue that holds a firm together is its assets. No matter the size of your company, managing your assets well is essential to building a vibrant and successful enterprise.

What is the learning curve for using a SharePoint-based asset management system?

               Being developed as a user-friendly system, the learning curve is quite flat and not steep. Thus, any user with quick training can play with the system as per their need.  

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