Asset tracking

Asset Tracking

Track your fixed assets, be it hardware or inventory easily.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Effectively manage assets, allocate to users at different locations.  Automate the renewal as well as expiry process with the help of inbuilt workflow engine.

Asset audit

Asset Audit

Get to know, the asset history of when, where and whom the asset was assigned. Capture further more information with dynamic fields.

Why is Zaaiko the perfect choice for asset management?

The speciality of Microsoft SharePoint  is that you can extend its capabilities to apps. Zaaiko built on top of Microsoft O365 and SharePoint brings in the strength and the capability at ease.

Zaaiko helps you in identifying the idle assets, its usage across locations, cost, lifecycle, renewals and expiry in an easy to view list. With the power of barcode integration, it become's easier to  tracks the cost, location, status, inventory, expiry or renewal of physical and IT assets, throughout their lifecycle


Microsoft O365 powered asset application for small businesses to be on top of their assets, inventory and more

Device friendly

Device friendly

Mobile friendly app enables it be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Powered by SharePoint online, it can also be accessed from native SharePoint mobile app.

track asset from anywhere

Track asset from anywhere

Easily track the asset. With QR code integration, you can view and update the asset details on the go.

secured access

Secured access

Only the provisioned users will have access and it can be role defined to control their view. With the power of Azure AD, role definition and control becomes much more easier than before.

Audit history

Audit history

Manage your assets and their audit history logs easily. Ge to know the complete know how about the assets and its usage.



Easy to add/rename custom fields, menu's and add custom columns and approvers as per your need.



Quick snapshot gives you the glimpse of various asset requests in the company. With integration to Power BI, build attractive reports.

Zaaiko Key features

Feature list

Feature list

Assign & return assets Assign & return assets

Request, approve & reject assets

Track assets & their lifecycle history

Customize asset categories & sub-categories

Customize asset fields

Asset expiry reminder set expiry reminders

Attach contracts and related documents to the assets

Accept Asset Acknowledgement

Integrate with Power BI

Custom email templates

Integrate with barcode scanner

Get started with managing your Assets


How do we get started?

Easily Get Started

                Just download the app into your SharePoint environment and start to use it. It's as simple as such. You are not on Microsoft O365 tenant. Don't worry. Write to our, our team shall do the needful for the same.

Where does my data stored in Zaaiko?

It's all in your tenant

                All data are stored in your Microsoft O365 tenant. Except for the tenant name and URL of the app installation, which is required for licence activation, we at Zaaiko neither collect or store any data. 
Does Zaaiko suit our need?

It's when you feel managing your assets in excel is tiresome

                 Zaaiko is designed for the need to manage inventory, assets, consumables. Whether you are a small firm of 5 people or a large enterprise, Zaaiko, shall fit your need. From managing your stocks, to IT assets Zaaiko can support.

Can I trial Zaaiko?

A demo is all it needs

                Please click the "Book a demo" and we shall quickly connect.